Hugo Osula withdraws from Lux Express management

  1. 26/02/2021
  2. 1 min

Hugo Osula, who has been the chairman of the Lux Express management board for the last three years, is withdrawing from the position and passing it over to Ingmar Roos who has performed several key roles in the Mootor Grupp companies for years.

“Although the corona crisis is far from over and it still has a heavy impact on our operations, I see today the option to withdraw from the chairman’s position in the management board and once again take up a place in the Lux Express council,” Hugo Osula said. Ingmar Roos, who has proven himself as a competent leader in the group’s sister company, takes on the role of chairman of the management board on 1 March 2021.

“Ingmar was an esteemed expert in the field of mobility already back when he first joined Mootor Grupp. The leadership experience he has gained by now grants him as the chairman of the management board excellent expectations to lead the company out of the crisis and towards new goals with even more success,” Hugo Osula is confident.

“It is a great challenge and an honour to start leading the flagship of the Estonian transport sector in such complex times,” Ingmar Roos said. “This year will surely be a difficult one, but I will give my all to restore people’s faith in joint travelling. We have done everything possible to make travelling by Lux Express comfortable and safe,” he assured.

Hugo Osula does not intend to settle into retirement after withdrawing from the chairman’s position. Mootor Grupp in general is facing exciting challenges, now there is more time to direct the strategic development of other companies.

“Although the media mainly covers the activities of Lux Express, the group includes several other companies standing out in their fields who have also achieved prominent positions on international markets. For example, Turnit who operates on several continents developing critical business software for public transportation companies and who managed to win an impressive procurement recently. Busland has also developed itself into a praised partner for several major Scandinavian companies and regardless of the ongoing crisis, they expanded last year in Norway and Sweden. Exciting perspectives are being designed also in relation to Tallinn Bus Station development,” Hugo Osula said disclosing his future plans.

Before his career in Mootor Grupp companies, Ingmar Roos worked in public sector for 7 years and before that in the segment of international goods carriage. In 2015, he started working as the executive manager of T Grupp AS, where he led the Tpilet information and ticket sales system network well-known to all bus travellers, and led the operating of Estonia’s largest bus stations. In June last year he started working at Lux Express AS. Ingrmar Roos is also a council member of Cargobus OÜ and Turnit OÜ.