Mootor Grupp family



Mootor Grupp unites the leading and trendsetting companies of the transportation field. Mootor Grupp AS is the owner's management, administration and development company for five companies in the group that are active in various transport sectors.

Company administers the Tallinn bus station that serves nearly 3 million passengers per year and operates also the Tartu and Rakvere bus stations.

  • 1922


    The history begins on May 23, 1922, when the city administration gave the architect and businessman F. Kangro the permit to open 5 bus lines.

  • 1922-1939

    city lines and intercity lines

    City lines and intercity lines begin from Vene turg (Vene market) which was also known as Täiturg (flea market) and in 1939-1940 Viru square. The buses were lined up in front of what we now know as Viru hotel, right next to the New Market. The traffic organizer who also sold bus tickets worked in a small office at the corner of Pärnu road and Vene market.

  • 1940-1959

    buses still depart from the same place (Stalin square)

    In 1949, after demolishing the market hall and moving the market to Tartu road district, intercity bus lines’s departure was moved to a square next to Estonia theater. A year later, suitable place was found for intercity bus lines at the side of the huge Stalin square at the beginning of Tartu road almost where Radisson hotel is today.

  • 1959-1961


    In the beginning of 1959, bus station was moved to its current location at the corner of Lastekodu and Odra street. The wooden 1-storied building on Stalin square was taken apart and re-built at the new bus station square right where there is bus line No 17 stop today.

  • 1961-1965

    new beginning

    New 2-storied bus station hall was built. According to the plan the new bus station complex was supposed to be ready by Estonian SSR 25th anniversary on July 21, 1965. The plan was more or less fulfilled, although there were several shortages pointed out in the exploitation deed.

  • 2012


    From June 25 to December 19, 2012, the Tallinn bus station was reconstructed. During the construction works, both the interior and the exterior of the bus station will be renewed, the existing waiting rooms and cafes for passenger users will be increased, as well as the information counter and self-service machines will be installed in the building.

SEBE serves Pärnu city and county lines, Harju north and west lines and Ida-Viru county traffic.

  • 2021


    alustab SEBE Harju maakonna idasuuna avalike bussiliinide teenindamist.

  • 2020


    From February 1, 2020, Harjumaa are operating westbound lines. Tallinn-Harku - Keila - Ämari - Paldiski - Lehetu - Hub through lines belong to the western direction.

  • 2020


    From 1 April 2020, SEBE is operating the northern routes of Pärnu County.

  • 2019


    From 1 July 2019, SEBE are operating on public bus lines in the northern direction of Harju County. The prison area on Maardu, Viimsi and Suur-Sõjamäe belongs to the north.

  • 2017


    SEBE serves the Pärnu city lines since July 2017 and the line operating contract ends at the end on 2026.

  • 2012


    SEBE operates on Ida-Virumaa county lines, buses will run in Ida-Virumaa until 2022.

  • 320


    SEBE has 320 employees.

  • 20

    naural gas buses

    SEBE have in total 20 of those how run on natural gas.

  • 26

    years of experience

    The first Wi-Fi covered line network, the first gas-powered bus, the first bus capable to offer long-distance travel for wheelchair – SEBE AS with more than 26 years of passenger service experience can be counted as one of the greatest innovators of the bus field in Estonia (established in 1994).

Lux Express offers a first-class travel experience service in 7 countries between more than 20 destinations, connecting the capital and important hubs from Tallinn to Warsaw and from St. Petersburg to Helsinki.

  • 105


    Currently we operate with 105 coaches. The average age of our coaches is 3.7 years. We take pride in our high service standards during the trips as well as what happens behind the scenes. We work every day to make sure that our coaches are clean and safe, that there is interesting content on media screens and that you would get the best customer service.

  • 26


    Even though Lux Express brand was introduced in 2008, the company dates back to 1994. It all started in Estonia but over decades the company has grown to operate the largest international coach network in the Baltic region with more than 20 destinations in 7 countries.

  • 74 243


    Lux Express coaches travel on average 74 243 km every day. For comparison: the equator is 40 075 km.

  • 27

    million km / year

    Our coaches travel 27 million km per year, that is approximately 2.2 million km every month, meaning it would take us only five days to get to the Moon.

  • 4792


    All together Lux Express coaches have 4792 Lux TV media screens for personal entertainment during your trip - watch movies and popular TV series or listen to music.

Busland has been operating for over a decade helping bus companies as you provide a better service to their passengers. Through this years thousands of buses have been renewed in Busland. Upgrading the bus and extending its service cycle will increase passenger satisfaction, save costs for you and reduce over-consumption, being environmentally friendly.

  • 20

    buses continuously being processed

    The workshop is constantly working with 20 buses.

  • 54


    Busland has 54 employees, with an average age of 36.8 years.

  • 1176

    buses are painted

    Over the past five years Busland has painted more than 1,000 buses, using up 14,000 litres of paint.

Digital foundation for intercity bus industry. Leading inventory & reservations management software.

  • 250


    Transactions worth € 250 million a year are made through the Turnit Ride platform.

  • 4000

    bus ticket reseller

    Nearly 4,000 bus ticket dealers use the system created by Turnit.

  • 19

    different languages

    The sales system is available in 19 languages: Estonian, English, Czech, German, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, French, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Serbian, Turkish, Slovak.

  • 15

    million tickets

    The Turnit system sells over 15 million tickets a year!

  • 50

    percent faster

    With Turnit ride your company can reduce the average boarding time to a bus by 50%.

Tpilet ticket sales system is used to sell the tickets of more than 40 bus companies in the majority of Estonian bus stations, on Tpilet website and in the mobile application.

  • 12

    bus stations across Estonia

    Tpileti ticket sales and travel information system is used in 12 bus stations across Estonia. In addition four companies outside of Mootor Grupp also use the Tpilet ticket sales system.

  • 1200

    kg less paper

    In 2016, T grupp substituted advance ticket sales pages selling tickets printed on paper with a mobile application and supported the bus companies in purchasing tablets. Thanks to this development ca 1,200 kg less paper is consumed per year at the bus stations using the Tpilet sales system.

The oldest company in Mootor Grupp and one of the largest Estonian cargo companies. Our delivery method is unique because for transit we use line bus networks, terminals, parcel points, and personal couriers and cargo trucks, if necessary.

  • 16


    Cargobus is present in many Estonian cities, additionally also in Latvia and Lithuania. Cargobus, the Mootor Grupp’s oldest member, is one of the largest Estonian courier companies. Cargobus has been providing superior courier service since 1992.

  • 2000


    Cargobus can handle more than 2,000 parcels a day. Cargobus handles parcels with an average weight of 7 kg.

  • 400

    bus lines

    Cargobus is partner with more than 20 bus companies and they use nearly 400 different bus lines daily to deliver clients' parcels.

Milworks is a defence company specialising in lifecycle management services for armoured and combat vehicles.

  • X

    special projects

    Milworks provides project-based services, including ensuring ballistic protection for ground vehicles and naval vessels.

  • 36


    Milworks has 36 employees. The company has workshops in Tallinn, Tapa and Võru. Milworks is owned by Finland's largest defense industry company Patria and Mootor Grupp.

  • x


    Over the recent years Milworks’ focus has primarily been on military vehicles related MRO services. Milworks has serviced the following military vehicles: Patria XA-180 and XA-188 armoured personnel carrier, CV-9035 infantry fighting vehicle and various soft skin vehicles (different 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 military trucks, bridge laying systems, fuel tankers, military 4×4 vehicles, fire trucks). Milworks also provides MRO services for aggregates, such as engines, gearboxes and axles.

  • 1

    new name

    Milworks is the new name for Milrem LCM. The name change supports better the company’s identity and its actual operations. It was also done to avoid any confusion with Milrem Robotics, which is a spin-off from Milrem LCM (now Milworks) in 2017. The companies have different focus, owners and operations, which will now be better signaled through this name change to Milworks. Milrem Robotics keeps the trademark Milrem and will continue with its current name.

The charter company in Lux Express group, today called Lux Charter, has been active on the market since 1997. The new brand Lux Charter that was launched in 2017 ant it has significantly raised the service quality.

  • 27

    years of service

    The employee with the longest experience is Piia – the queen of charter services.

  • 55


    The exceptionally spacious and friendly design of the interior on its own encourages passengers to feel at ease. Mercedes-Benz coach offer accommodations for up to 55 passengers.

  • 28


    Lux Charter minibus service specialise in small group travel with new Iveco Ferqui minis. Our new and modern minibuses can accommodate up to 28 passengers in comfort.

Timeless collection includes 14 unique retro-buses – we have no duplicates; each bus has its own story and specifics for use.

  • 14

    vintage buses

    Timeless Buses collection includes 14 vintage buses. The collection includes 4 petrol buses and 10 diesel buses. 5 buses are without power steering.

  • 3

    wooden buses

    The Timeles Buses collection includes three wooden frame buses.

  • 50


    ZIS 127 is not able to drive less than 50 kilometers per hour due to its technical characteristics, TA 6 is not able to drive more than 50 kilometers per hour.

LE Bus Service OÜ was established in June 2017 to develop a professional, flexible and modern centre for offering after service for buses at Mootor Grupp. Regardless of the young age of the company, the team has extensive experience in maintenance and repair of buses from different manufacturers, which enables to offer suitable services for the clients. We consider preventive works especially important in our work to minimize emergencies and stoppages in bus use. Our daily work means maintaining even the most luxurious buses – everything from the undercarriage to coffee machines and multimedia systems.

  • 909


    LE Bus Service workshop area is 909 m2.

  • 1938 - 2020


    The oldest bus we repaired was from 1938, the newest from 2020.