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08.04.2016 Price-war on the bus market has commenced
07.04.2016 GoodNews Estonians stick together! Tartu buses receive the Blue Hepatica flowers
05.04.2016 Pealinn Osula: Inter-city public transportation has no such problem for which the state should pay
05.04.2016 public.delfi PHOTOS: Neat! Estonian celebrities got personal named seats in the new luxury bus
05.04.2016 Delfi Life of Tallinn-Tartu commuters becomes super-convenient
05.04.2016 GoodNews Lux Express! Lux Express launches new concept buses for the Tallinn-Tartu line
05.04.2016 Tarbija24 New buses allow you to stretch your legs
04.04.2016 ERR Memorandum: Estonian public transportation to receive contactless payment systems
31.03.2016 Postimees Võru county governor had the end justify the means
30.03.2016 Simple Express launched new line from Tallinn to Peipsi
22.03.2016 ERR Court suspended temporary agreement of carriage procurement between Võru County and Hansa Bussiliinid
21.03.2016 Postimees Võru Public transportation procurement turned into farce
21.03.2016 Tarbija24 Affordable bus company adds departures between Tallinn and Võru
21.03.2016 Tartu Postimees Tpilet team creates new jobs in Tartu
17.03.2016 One of the world's largest transport companies adapts Estonian start-up's ticket system
17.03.2016 Äripäev Osula family's major deal opens the door to Europe
07.03.2016 Postimees Company spends millions to attract passengers to the bus
19.02.2016 ERR Estonian defence industry company starts developing unmanned ground vehicle along with a company from Singapore
18.02.2016 Postimees Estonian-made mini-tank attracts the world's attention
10.02.2016 Äripäev Defence industry is looking for new markets
20.01.2016 Tarbija24 Affordable bus starts departing on Tallinn-Viljandi line
17.11.2014 Ärileht Estonian lux bus is doing better than expected on the Helsinki-St Petersburg line
26.09.2014 Põhjarannik King of Roads
29.05.2014 Äripäev Estonian Association of Family Companies is established
13.05.2014 ETV "Terevisioon" news (video 02.30–03.15)
30.04.2014 Äri 25 Still steering the bus company
17.04.2014 Tarbija24 SEBE's new touch-screen ticket terminals bring changes for passengers
11.04.2014 E24 SEBE starts manufacturing military equipment
20.02.2014 Ärileht SEBE bus drivers get a raise
17.02.2013 Postimees Lux Express reached 1.4 M€ profit last year
13.11.2013 Reporter Lux Express starts operating Hourly Express lines (video)
29.10.2013 ERR SEBE starts repairing armoured vehicles of Defence Forces
08.10.2013 Äripäev SEBE signed cooperation agreement with leading defence industry company
24.09.2013 Äripäev Hannes Saarpuu - conquering the world without a tie
16.09.2013 Äripäev Entrepreneurs have to love their own services
05.09.2013 Ärileht See who are nominated for Entrepreneurship Award
19.03.2013 E24 Mootor Grupp purchases 9 Irizar coaches from Scania


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