I panel – CLIENT

  • On the whole I am happy with transportation between Tallinn and Tartu and I think many people are. As you can see the buses are almost always full and you sort of have to elbow like at a concert. In my opinion all is good. Bus's advantage before train is that I can get from downtown to downtown without having to go to railway station in the outskirts. It’s simply quicker. All the bus drivers are very professional, nothing bad to say about them. The condition of the buses is varying. The new buses are very good, nothing bad to say about those. With the older buses there have been breakdowns and other smaller inconveniences.
  • I am quite happy with the public transportation between Tallinn and Tartu, because the schedules are tight and I have a price range to select from. Fortunately, there are many affordable lines for a student like me. It would be nice if the quality buses had discounts for students, but that is probably a lot to ask.
  • I think I am quite happy with public transportation in Tartu. Bus stops are in strategically good spots, buses are new and some of them eco-friendly, ticket system is user-friendly. I would recommend one thing – to promote public transportation you could organise a free of charge public transportation day once a month or quarter. Just a thought.
  • I am quite happy because I use it a lot. Every day in winter, but now, in spring, I try to walk more because the bus is really crammed in the morning and then it’s just easier to walk. Otherwise, I like the new screen system, so in winter you don't have to keep staring at the watch.

Opening of the conference and greeting Kaja Kallas Member of the Parlament, Head of the Parliament's Economic Affairs Committee

State as the contractor and client, marketer and seller Lauri Lugna Deputy Director General of Traffic Safety and Public Transport

Experience of Tartu City Government as contractor and client. Free public transportation? Urmas Klaas Mayor ot Tartu

Presentation of survey by TTK University of Applied Sciences – valuations and expectations of public transportation users Sven Andresen Professor at Chair of Automotive Engineering at TTK University of Applied Sciences

II panel – MONEY

  • I think that the state should support all types of transportation. The trains are subsidised but the buses not to that extent, but the buses should be subsidised to make the transportation more affordable for the people, because at the moment the bus ticket prices are quite high.
  • I don't know to what extent but I ride a lot. I travel between Tallinn and Viljandi at least couple of times a week and I think bus traffic should be subsidised. Well, half off would be too much to ask, but something should change because there are not many discounts. Every now and then I travel with a pupil and their discount is particularly modest. In case of a pupil the few-euro difference is no discount.
  • I think that the state should definitely support all kinds of transportation to make the market more even and tickets affordable so people would use public transportation more. Tallinn–Tartu ticket should cost around 6 euros, that would be easier on the wallet and people would definitely prefer public transportation to private cars.
  • I don't know, I mean, how much can you ask from the state. The compromise should be achieved somewhere but I don't know if state can ensure everything. I don't believe that.

Passenger satisfaction and business expansion on the example of Swedish bus companies Robert Sahlberg Business Manager at Karlstadsbuss

Panel discussion – subsidised vs commercial public transportation? Hannes Saarpuu Chairman of the Board at Lux Express vs Kuldar Väärsi Chairman of the Board at SEBE

Who will pay in the future? Peeter Tammistu Economist

III panel – FUTURE

  • I love the free public transportation but across Estonia...I doubt it.
  • Yes, I Think it is sustainable. And definitely across Estonia ,too. Namely, I am from Tartu and for personal reasons I have not registered my self as a citizen of Tallinn. At the moment, the free public transport costs me 23 euros per month. It would be fair if everyone in Tallinn could ride for free, those too who are not registered citizens. Since people have started using public transportation more, I believe it would be sustainable in a decade to come, if it is planned correctly and investments are made into new trams and tram tracks. I am not naive to believe that inter-city transportation would be free in ten years, but there should be discounts.
  • Of course, I as a student would like it to be free but the money has to come from somewhere and actually, public transportation in Estonia is affordable enough so I wouldn't say that it should be completely free of charge.

Buses and public transportation in the future Gotzon Gomez Sarasola Export Director at IRIZAR

Passengers perspective after 10 years Klas Dahlberg  Head of Scania Buses and Coaches