Everyone has certain values, which they consider important and try to live up to. So does Mootor grupp. Our aim is to offer enjoyable public transportation service and we do it by relying on common values.

We respect our colleagues, our clients, partners and ourselves. We know that our work is important and the outcome of our joint work depends on all of us. We are considerate and attentive, and socially responsible. We respect the nature and act in an environmentally friendly way.

We keep our promises and our work has high quality. We value long-term stable working relationships, consistency and experience. We are students and teachers for our colleagues; we give and appreciate feedback. We know that only by valuing traditions and remembering the past we can also be successful in the future.

Just as our services, we are also in constant movement and development. We consider our skills and education important and always look for new ways to do our work even better. We dare to take risks and acknowledge mistakes. We lead our field by using knowledge, wisdom and creativity.

Mootor Grupp