Making the public transportation enjoyable

Public transportation that has to confront a private vehicle can reach such a connection only by creating emotional pleasure. We have found the solutions to make public transportation enjoyable.

We do it so that the society's costs on public transportation would be optimum and the usage of public transportation would become natural to all the members of society. Travelling is not merely getting from point A to point B. It comprises spending time with positive emotions.

Our competition advantages in providing emotionally enjoyable public transportation are:
enjoyable service, attractive bus, genial bus driver, safe drive, discounts and promotions, the optimum travel time, suitable schedules, clear information provision, convenient ticket purchase, credibility, investments to make the transportation even better.

We live in a world of choices - clients select the service that they feel emotionally involved with.


  • Unceasing action – we acted yesterday, we are acting today, we will be acting tomorrow.
  • We act by ourselves and all together.
  • Wanting something and taking action is up to us.


  • Today, public transportation is not ‘public’ as ‘official’ but ‘public’ as ‘collective’ and ‘accessible to all’.
  • It is important to work on the entire chain (public means of transportation, infrastructure, use and service). Owning a bus is not enough.
  • It is a necessity of life.


  • Enjoyable for itself, for the passenger and the general public.
  • Essence of something enjoyable is different because people are different.
  • Perpetually changing and always ready for further development.