Formal evening reception

Mootor Grupp unites companies active in the field of public transportation.

Mootor Grupp struktuurGroup includes AS SEBE, AS Lux Express Estonia, OÜ Cargobus, OÜ Busland and OÜ Tallinna Bussijaam. The aim of the nearly 1000 employees of the group based solely on Estonian private capital is to offer enjoyable public transportation. Our companies have been active in Estonia since 1992 an in Europe since 1994. During this time, we have grown from an unknown name into a well-known service provider and innovator of the field.

We are very happy that we got to celebrate more than 20 years of active business with you at the conference and formal reception.


Was held at the KUMU, at 19:00.
Entrance: With invitations.
Dress code: Black tie.Eesti Bussiajaloo Selts

The guests were informed that gifts were not required but if they did wish to bring something then old photos, items, memorabilia, etc. that could find its place among the exhibits at the museum of Estonian Bus History Association were very appreciated. The guests were also welcome to make a donation to the Association (a/a SEB 10220198278226) so the Association could purchase something that preserves and maintains the bus industry history.