On 13 May 2014, communications bureau Hamburg & Partners held the second transportation conference. The first transportation conference was held 18 months earlier in Tallinn Airport where the central topics were aviation-related. This time, the focus was on bus transportation.

The aim of the conference COMMON TRANSPORTATION – FROM NEED-BASED TO ENJOYABLE was to rephrase the essence of the term public transportation and to promote formation of relevant discussion.

The social need-based public transportation today is turning into a transportation that is collective and directed towards emotions and enjoyability. The conference, held at the Great Hall of KUMU at Weizenbergi 34/Valge 1, took place in three parts, each of which focussed on different topic – client, financing and future.

The main topics of the conference were public transportation vs. common transportation, subsidised vs. commercial transportation, quality acquired from procurements, the roles of state and local government in transportation organisation, differences in bus transportation in Scandinavia and the Baltics. The thorough survey of satisfaction and expectations among collective transportation users, conducted by TTK University of Applied Sciences, was also presented at the conference.

The format of the conference supported dialogue, three audience questions were allowed during each presentation. The event was free but with invitations; nearly 200 participants were invited. Conference language was Estonian and simultaneous interpretation into English and Russian was provided. One of Estonia's oldest and largest transportation companies, Mootor Grupp, that celebrated its 20th birthday that year, supported the event and also held a reception on the evening of the conference day at 19:00 at KUMU.

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