Companies of the group


Mootor Grupp unites the leading and trendsetting companies of the transportation field. Mootor Grupp AS is the owner's management, administration and development company for five companies in the group that are active in various transport sectors.

Companies of the group

The first Wi-Fi covered line network, the first gas-powered bus, the first bus capable to offer long-distance travel for wheelchair – SEBE AS with more than 20 years of passenger service experience can be counted as one of the greatest innovators of the bus field in Estonia. The company offers city, regional, national and international travel, and repair services for buses (departments and workshops are located in Tallinn, Tartu, Võru, Narva, Jõhvi and Jõgeva).

Eesti Buss OÜ, which is a subsidiary of SEBE, was the first company in Estonia to implement the bus service concept with flexible and affordable pricing. The company’s brand Simple Express is active in inter-city commercial bus traffic, operating ca 50 national long-distance lines and offering charter services.

Lux Express Grupp with its subsidiaries in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and and Russia is the largest international express line operator in Northern Europe offering the most daily departures between the major cities in the Balitcs and other places such as St Petersburg, Minsk and Moscow. The clients of Lux Express Estonia appreciate the high service level, innovative and colourful solutions but also the major investments made in new buses.

T grupp AS is a transport industry company whose best-known brand is Tpilet. Tpilet ticket sales system is used to sell the tickets of more than 30 bus companies in the majority of Estonian bus stations, on Tpilet website and in the mobile application. In addition, the company administers the Tallinn bus station that serves nearly 3 million passengers per year and operates also the Tartu and Rakvere bus stations. 

Turnit OÜ is a leading provider of ticket systems for passenger carriers. The long-distance routes ticket sales platform created by us, named Turnit Ride is used for more than eight million seat reservations per year and transport companies across the world use our services. The platform is aimed at transport service providers who need precise logistics management, dynamic pricing and comprehensive readiness to face the changes on the market. 

The oldest company in the group, Cargobus operates since 1992, offering express parcel delivery and courier service unique in the Baltic states – the fastest delivery of small parcels to destination using the dense line bus network, owning delivery trucks and parcel points. Cargobus has 15 branches in Estonia and additionally an office and a warehouse in Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania. Cargobus is partners with more than 30 bus companies and nearly 600 different bus lines are used daily to transport the clients’ parcels. The main promise Cargobus gives its clients is across the Baltics within a few hours.

We care about your bus – this is the promise pursuant to which acts Busland OÜ. The company cares for its customers' buses by repairing and maintaining them and also by giving advice to solve and prevent problems. This is why many bus companies in Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Norway have chosen Busland as their partner. Busland is more and more active also in bus purchase and sales.

LE Bus Service OÜ was established in June 2017 to develop a professional, flexible and modern centre for offering after service for buses at Mootor Grupp. Regardless of the young age of the company, the team has extensive experience in maintenance and repair of buses from different manufacturers, which enables to offer suitable services for the clients. We consider preventive works especially important in our work to minimize emergencies and stoppages in bus use. Our daily work means maintaining even the most luxurious buses – everything from the undercarriage to coffee machines and multimedia systems. 

Lux Charter takes you on a journey where comfort, safety and quality are integral to each passed kilometer. Lux Charter is a company in the Lux Express group offering charter bus service. The fleet is made up from the best Mercedes Benz touring buses that meet all the modern standards. Behind the wheel we have drivers who are proud to make each ride an exquisite experience for the passenger.

There are all kinds of buses in the world, but Timeless Buses have a selection of the brightest. When riding a timeless bus, you can travel back to last century as you were in a time machine and we promise it will be an exciting and special trip to remember! Timeless collection includes 14 unique retro-buses – we have no duplicates; each bus has its own story and specifics for use.

Milrem LCM OÜ is a defence industry company, the main field of which is repair, maintenance and life cycle maintenance of vehicles, special equipment and weaponry of the Defence Forces. The current contracts cover the XA series armoured vehicles, CV-9035 IFV-s and soft-skinned vehicles. Mootor Grupp owns 40% of Milrem, and the 60% share belongs to the largest Finnish defence industry company Patria.